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You want a total technology provider, but you need a technology difference. Enter Alinco IT, Inc. We offer strong online capabilities and the dedication to go above and beyond in the design, delivery, maintenance, and monitoring of your IT. Acting as supplement and complement to your own IT department, we improve your organizational performance and business outcomes via innovative, cost-effective solutions for:

  • Professional Services, including managed services, Help Desk, networking, and our new I2 program
  • Cloud, including ASP and web hosting
  • Hardware and software procurement of more than 100,000 brand name products at competitive prices

Committed to industry best practices and customer transparency, Alinco IT, Inc. supports all industries while offering significant expertise in Manufacturing, DOD, Printing, and SMB. We’ve been in business since 1984 and are second-generation minority owned. Most important, we are here for your long-term success—and we have proof. Our average customer tenure is nearly five years, and many have stayed with us for 20 or more.

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