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AppGuard is the essential cyber stack layer that blocks malware missed or detected too late by AV, EDR, XDR, and other layers.

You see the malware and enterprise data breach statistics. And, you see malware mentioned in trade publications almost daily. It all points to the enterprise’s dilemma: most of its defenses against malware attacks only succeed if and when they recognize the malware attacking. The headlines and statistics imply they often fail to do so. Consequently, the enterprise keeps adding ever more cyber tools, more personnel, and more chaos.

Adding AppGuard can block what they miss because it’s approach is entirely different. AppGuard stops attacks by blocking those actions malware must do instead of trying to recognize the malware itself.

AppGuard is not a replacement for AV, EDR, or XDR. But, it does make them and other cyber stack layers even better. If you need to reduce your malware risks and cyber chaos, then learn more about how AppGuard can help.