LyncVerse Technologies
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LyncVerse Technologies was founded to provide information technology solutions that positively change business outcomes. From the start, our vision has been to build a world-class company dedicated to solving customer’s business challenges with smart, sensible technology solutions and services. LyncVerse empowers organizations to capitalize on the newest technology to solve their business challenges with proven, relevant IT solutions and services. Headquartered in Houston Texas, we serve clients globally, as well as through our alliances with leading international service delivery providers. Our Solutions are based upon your specific needs and environment, tailored to meet your business and financial objectives.

At LyncVerse we still believe people do business with people. Always on your side of the table, we are customer advocates first and foremost, and we see your challenges, finances and competitors the same way you do. Our proven track record of integrity earns the trust and confidence of our clients in everything we do.