More about us

Your business in your priority. Focus on it—not your IT—with strategic technologists who work hard for your satisfaction and success. beiNVENTiV, LLC. gets to know you and your challenges, then recommends, develops, and delivers technology solutions that help you eliminate the technical debt that’s holding you back. We’ve been going strong for nearly 25 years because we retain our clients, and they refer and recommend us. Our 100%-outcome-focused solutions are available across verticals and geographies and cover:

  • Outsourced IT provided exclusively by our senior team
  • Supplemental and complementary IT services
  • IT and IP assessments
  • Fractional CIO and CTO services
  • Security solutions
  • CRM consulting and implementation
  • M+A technology due diligence support
  • Code development

beiNVENTiV, LLC. Modernize. Compete. Grow. Contact us today at or 720-999-3199