BEAR Cloud Technologies, Inc.
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From the data center to digital transformation, to contact tracing to security requirements and compliance, the world of IT has never been more intricate. BEAR Cloud Technologies is your qualified and trusted partner to help you along the way.

BEAR Cloud Technologies’ mission is simple: We optimize the ongoing operational experience for all IT environments — on-premise, hybrid, cloud — during every stage of your modernization journey.

To put it simply: We take the complications out of complexity.

By leveraging our extensive experience in IT infrastructure, BEAR Cloud offers a full spectrum of technology services that help your IT environment become more efficient, more secure, and more manageable. We take the burden out of IT infrastructure so you can focus on what you do best — driving innovation forward.

BEAR Cloud’s philosophy is built around flexibility, and we understand that no two companies are alike. We know that managing your IT environment can be challenging — which is why our Managed Services takes the task of building, operating, and maintaining your IT solutions off your plate.

Our Managed Services covers the entire scope of your IT environment, so whether you want to move to a public cloud, utilize a private cloud, or use a hybrid cloud approach, BEAR Cloud Technologies can help. Contact us today to learn how we can partner together to simplify your IT environment and its management.