CDML Computer Services, Ltd.
More about us

CDML is an acronym for Computers Dominate My Life. Today this statement rings true for all of us. Computers have penetrated every aspect of our lives and our businesses. To compete in today’s economy, businesses must use computers to help them be nimbler, better connected, more efficient and more productive. We help our customers achieve their full business potential using technology.
At CDML Computer Services, Ltd. we pride ourselves on the fact that we’re able to solve our customers' computer problems quickly and efficiently. Our experienced staff of Technicians, Developers, Consultants and Network Specialists will be able to quickly analyze and eliminate your computer problem, regardless of what it is. Our goal is to take our customers' business into the future with minimal obstacles and maximum results!

Please contact us by phone at (718) 393-5343 or by email at to discuss your technology needs and how CDML can help.