CIO Main Street
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CIO Main Street is a Computer, Network, and Information Technology Consulting company that brings Chief Information Officer services to Main Street America. At CIO Main Street, we speak Windows, we speak Mac, but best of all we speak Human!

We help organizations by asking a few questions. What do you want technology to do for you today? And what can you imagine it doing for you in the future? Notice that we do not say bits and bytes. Or hardware/software?

We offer qualified and professional service to our customers by helping them save time, reduce stress, and avoid frustration and we do this by LISTENING. It is said that “with two ears and one mouth use them proportionally you will do just fine” and that is what we do, we LISTEN to you and your people.

We help Design, Install, and Maintain the IT Network solutions that to run your business or non-profit by Keeping I.T. Simple.

  • Business Type
  • MSP (Managed Service Provider)
  • Solution Types
  • Cyber Security
  • Edge Devices
  • Telco and 5g Networks
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Hybrid Cloud Solutions
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Azure
  • Google
  • Industries Supported
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail/Hospitality
  • Banking/Finance/Insurance
  • Healthcare/Pharma
  • Legal/Accounting