More about us

Our Company - Document Imaging Systems SRL - is a Romanian Ltd. company incorporated in year 2000.
Our activity is carried out in compliance with and we are UKAS Register Certified ISO 9001 for quality
management, ISO 27001 for information security ISO 14001 for environmental protection and ISO 45001/ OHSAS.
Acting on the market with professionalism and expertise, we are:
1. Scanning - Archiving - Microfilming services provider for all media and supports: old books and new, old and
new documents as single page or volume archives, maps and plans, photography, paintings etc. All our scanning
activity is carried out in accordance with Europeana and/or Monasterium technical standards and requirement.
2. Data capturing services provider – ACUANT Inc. ID card scanning and data capturing/ validation, advenced electronic signature with/ without biometric file, OCR, OMR processing, validation and data saving in any useful
3. Document imaging solutions provider, representing Agfa Micrographic - Belgium, Image Access - USA, Kirtas -
USA, SMA - Germany, Evestar - Germany, Microbox - Germany etc;
4. International consultancy and support for digitization projects - scanning - microfilming, document workflow
management and digital archiving.
If you think something we did not imagine ... ask us! We definitely can!