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NextPointe is a Boutique Business VoIP Service Provider based out of South Florida. We offer our Services in Miami, Broward, West Palm Beach, the Caribbean as well as the rest of the country. Why do we provide a better solution than other hosted VoIP competitors? First, our platform is based on the Cisco Unified Call Manager, this is the platform of choice of most Fortune 500 companies; our customers are getting a mature, reliable and feature rich platform. Most providers use a generic-open-source-based soft-switch that is focused mostly on a multi-tenant portal and a support of wider variety of IP Phones. Second, we only offer Cisco IP Phones with our service, that are designed and tested to work with the Cisco Unified Call manager meaning we will have very little compatibility issues and a ton of telephony features compare to our competitors that want to support any phone brand in the market; plus Cisco IP Phones are vastly superior in quality compared to any competitor at about the same price. And last but not least we offered tailored support to our customers, think like having a “telecom department” for your organization. This is the most important feature of our service; we don’t sent you to a generic portal for you to figure out the changes, or send you to an outsourced call center in India. You simply call, email or IM our team and we will make the changes for you and take the managing of the Phone Service out of your back so you can focus on your business.

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