GlassHouse Systems Inc.
More about us

GlassHouse Systems (GHS) is an infrastructure, security, and managed services solutions provider who develops, designs and deploys solutions for leading enterprises in Canada and the US. For over 25 years, GHS has delivered an enterprise level of service and support to clients.  

Recognized with industry leading awards each year, GHS translates this differentiation into positive client experiences. GHS believes that strong skills, products and partnerships are critical in providing consistent, high-quality service. GHS provides clients with a highly experienced sales and technical team who have a keen understanding of both the technology and the client’s requirement for technology.   At its heart, GHS has always been a highly technical company.

Established by engineers, GHS has always focused on its technical skills and maintained a large contingent of technical experts that substantially outnumber sales resources. It is through this dedicated and focused approach to technical excellence that GHS has been established as a premier North-American technology partner.