More about us

Our business initially commenced in the UK in 2001 as a Technology Consulting firm. Subsequently, we were accredited by the UK government to become a Learndirect centre and trained virtual online tutors for University for Industry. Our work for UFI and Learndirect gained recognition at the national level in the UK. In 2009 our CEO moved from the UK and expanded our operations to California in the US.

We are management consultants for businesses that aspire to market leadership in the US, UK and Globally. We are professional management and business analysts dedicated to helping companies achieve the best results possible by providing accurate data for making informed decisions about driving your company to success.

We provide comprehensive data studies and analysis to help you make feasible and functionally reasonable actions. Our services help you evaluate and improve your department, services, processes, or products.

Our team comprises seasoned analysts with years of industry experience. Also, our efforts are concentrated on making your business the best version of its current form. You receive a well-documented process and review of your business’s status when you consult with us. Our services guarantee well-analyzed data, performance, and actionable plans which add value to your business.

Our external consulting approach will reduce your resources in terms of office space, salaries, and other expenses. Meanwhile, you can outsource your business analysts’ work to us. We work remotely and deliver top-notch services to our clients.

As a business and technology consulting firm based in US and UK, We are dedicated to making learning and Consulting more useful, systematic, and goal-oriented rather than purely academic.