Interlock IT
More about us was "born-in-the-cloud" in 2009 long before the phrase gained recognition in the industry. Born-in-the-cloud means our revenue model is not based on the resale of products but rather on selling expertise and the integration of multiple cloud based software products into a unified strategy for our customers. We are not biased by product margins which are tiny or non-existent for true cloud products.

Like the software solutions we implement we're highly agile, low cost, efficient, and can service our customers from anywhere and from any device. Non born-in-the-cloud partners are having great difficulty adapting to a business model that cannibalizes their high margin product resale business and monthly on-premise hardware/software support fees.

Our founder has owned, sold, and led multi-million dollar organizations to unforeseen profits and growth. Interlock IT represents what is still his favorite hobby; learning technology and making it work for others. Our founder has automated hundreds of companies, is a professional accountant (CPA, CMA), and speaks the language of business first, technology second.