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At our core, Nexinite exists to drive value and enable change for our customers’ businesses. Founded with a vision to bring enterprise capability to businesses of all sizes, our story began when we recognized the potential that cloud services held for the future of business.

Today, our ”why” is grounded in a drive to create solutions that empower our customers’ performance and ability to make the right decisions for their businesses. By tapping into the ever-expanding potential of Microsoft and Office 365, we’re committed to helping you work more efficiently, confidently, and competitively.


Nexinite’s vision is to help enterprises realize their true potential by closing the gap between their technology ecosystems and the latest advancements in modern work. On a customer-level, Nexinite’s vision is to deliver the exact solutions an organization needs to better their business. For each and every customer engagement, our commitment to transformation allows us to consistently deliver authentic value and real impact.


Nexinite’s mission is to create thoughtful solutions that directly impact our customers’ confidence and inspire their growth. Though our services are technology-driven, Nexinite adopts a human-centric approach in delivering value to our customers. Committed to serving the needs of users first, we recognize that technology is only one part of the equation. With a focus on what comes after the design and implementation of our solutions, our approach ensures that each of our customers can maximize their technology investments, performance, and success.


  1. A Value-Driven Approach to Technology Consulting

From business users to the c-suite, Nexinite is committed to delivering tangible value and outcomes across our customers’ organizations. We aren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves to dig into the complexities that our customers face—and the scope of change we drive at all levels of the organization reflects that.

  1. Dedicated to Enabling Our Partners’ Success

Nexinite is an enabler for our customers’ success. As reflected in our approach for becoming an integrative part of each customer’s team, we strive to be known for coming in, getting things done, and directly enabling you to achieve your goals--by your side every step of the way.

  1. True Expertise + Thoughtful Solutions

With decades of knowledge in the Microsoft ecosystem and experience in our customers’ verticals, Nexinite’s expertise on the ins and outs of your technology needs allows us to deliver solutions that meaningfully change how people work.

  1. Committed to Problem Solving

Nexinite holds true to the commitments we make in solving problems for our customers. We embrace the process that’s required to drive effective change for your organization—no matter the complexity of the challenge.

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