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System Source has been in business since 1981

System Source is a regional systems integrator.  We have the people, processes and tools to help clients improve, maintain and acquire IT and AV Systems.     

Clients ask our team of 70 employees to IMPROVE their IT operations.  Some ask us to TRAIN their staff in applications or technical topics for more productivity and lower help desk costs.  We hold public classes in Hunt Valley and Columbia, from your home or office, or dedicated courses on your site.  Carefully setup classrooms can be rented for private classes.

Other clients rely on us for PRESENTATION rooms including conference and classrooms.  Often these rooms are built with video conferencing and digital signage.

IMPROVING IT infrastructure sometimes requires the expertise of our top CONSULTANTS; specializing in cloud migrations, systems management, virtualization, project management and infrastructure design.

One IMPROVEMENT some clients seek is better use of the CLOUD through hosting applications in our data center, or at Amazon Web Services. 

With IMPROVED systems come new MAINTENANCE workloads.  We offer SUPPORT AND SERVICE reactively through our dispatch desk and proactively in the MANAGED SERVICES department.

When maintenance is done efficiently, monies may be available to ACQUIRE new equipment to take your systems to the next level.

System Source has spent over 40 years building strategic alliances with major computer hardware and software manufacturers.  These relationships allow us to provide state-of-the-art systems, enhanced productivity through education and consistent performance through technical support and service.

The business was incorporated in Maryland in 1981 as a ComputerLand franchise.  In 1991, we changed our name to System Source.  In 2003, we purchased Connected Resources and in 2004 we acquired Ociter Enterprises.

System Source is privately held and locally owned. The System Source Foundation matches employee contributions to the community.

With 40 years in Information Technology, System Source has attracted some media attention.

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