LANStatus and SIP Program
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As CommunitySolv (Varnex) Partner for 15+ years, LANStatus evolved from a NOC / MSP into an enterprise consultancy focused on the technologies that comprise End User Computing solutions.  It is not only the integration of these of these technologies but more importantly, the integration of those technologies with a companies Abstraction Layer whether on-premise, cloud, hybrid, SaaS, SaaS-hosted with Citrix, VMware, Microsoft, HP, Dell, Cisco and others.

The Solutions Integrator Partner or SIP Program was born from our 20+ years of inter-partner work designed to provide all integrators with an 'instant' sales and technology team.  This team, with certifications, gives our partners the ability to sell technology they are unable to do.

The SIP Program provides a long-term, partner-to-partner engagement model that has simply shown for the last nine (9) years that by working together, we provide client's confidence in the solutions, ensure customer satisfaction, repeat business and in the end, we all make money.

You can be frustrated with the inability to sell certain technologies, take a lone to add headcount then hope the people you hire can sell.  The other option is to call the SIP Program and see how much deeper and wider you can find and grow opportunities in your best clients!

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