Techworks Consulting Inc.
More about us

Techworks Consulting Inc. goes beyond your typical IT company—we are in the business of making your business better. We specialize in technology services that are tailored to reduce risk, increase security, and most importantly, meet your needs! We have committed ourselves to providing each one of our clients with Best-in-Class service and support, with a team that is just a quick phone call away. Techworks technology consulting and solutions go from your laptop to your desktop, all the way up to the Cloud.

Here at Techworks Consulting, we don’t see ourselves as just Long Island-based—we’re Long Island-focused. All of our efforts are made sure that we support Long Island and those who live and work for us. We ensure we have a presence within our Long Island communities by being active members in our local Chamber of Commerce, MacArthur Business Alliance, HIA-LI, and other countless coalitions and associations. We also have put our pride into our community service-based efforts by creating Techworks Gives Back. The scope of our efforts ranges from recycling and refurbishing donated hardware to non-profits in need, to helping at local food kitchens packing food for donations.