More about us
Founded in 2002, BIT DIRECT INC (BIT) is a nationwide Next Generation IT supplier for many information technology and procurement departments across America. Regardless if you are a corporation, government agency, K12 or higher education customer we are dedicated to helping you integrate your organization with technology. We pride ourselves with high levels of productivity and operational efficiency, giving us the ability to pass cost-savings directly on to our clients.
Our mission is to provide the highest quality of technology equipment, software and services to information specialists at a competitive price with the highest level of customer service. We only partner with reputable manufacturers, so we have confidence in the products we sell and services we offer. BIT DIRECT is dedicated to providing an environment of mutual trust with the highest level of integrity in every transaction we do with our clients.

Innovation – BIT is nimble and relentlessly innovative. Our Live Sourcing Solution provides competitive pricing and supplier visibility. We offer our customers an array of standard reports such as Category Spending, Total Spent by Manufacturer or Cost Center Invoices.
Flexibility – Today’s technology is rapidly changing as lead manufacturers release new products every quarter. BIT works closely with our manufacturing partners to stay informed of the latest technology developments in order to satisfy the rapidly changing preferences and business requirements of our customers.
Quality – Our customers expect and receive quality products and services from our trusted partners.
Customer Service – Our operational efficiency enables BIT to provide exceptional customer service. We complete client requests in a timely manner and promptly respond to customer’s calls and emails.