More about us

Mobile Specialty Vehicles, Inc. (MSV) is a specialty vehicle manufacturing company.  MSV was founded in 1980 and has deep roots in the specialty vehicle industry.  We help bring our client's dreams to life!  We build mobile medical, mobile dental, mobile mammography, mobile command, just to name a few!  We build them all from a 40' Lonestar Motorcoach, to a 53' Trailer, and we even build on Transit or Sprinter Vans!

Our products span the globe as we have also exported many specialty vehicles and also a specialty medical boat!

We pride ourselves in quality and craftsmanship.  If you're going to have a commercial vehicle, why not have it designed a built to be used in a commercial application.  We are honored to serve those who serve others and that's what drives our passion for quality specialty vehicles.  

Give us a call to start designing your vehicle today or pick from one of our stock designs.  

(409) 383-0521