More about us

MTM Technologies is full-service solutions provider with over 30 years of IT experience enabling organizations in their digital transitions and processes to achieve complete infrastructure transformation.

We are a disruption solution provider with Managed Services expertise that provide the tactical support allowing our clients to re-purpose their resources to focus on strategic initiatives that are transforming their business.

Our Innovation Services help design, configure and implement transformational solutions in response to the disruption in our client’s marketplace allowing business operations to function more efficiently at predictive and controlled costs on a per user basis leaving room for innovation and growth.

We take a consultative approach to help our customers move from a traditional IT Infrastructure to a fully digitized environment. Together with our proficiency in designing and deploying solutions, we uphold the preferences of our customers through solid partnerships with the world’s leading technology companies like Cisco, Citrix, VMware, Nutanix, IGEL, Microsoft, NetApp, Ivanti, Pure, and HPE.

Our regional relevance gives us the ability to serve and help customers across diversified industries. We operate in strategic hub cities in the United States managing approximately 12,000+ devices and have deployed over $3 Billion worth of IT Infrastructure solutions across the county which continue to grow and expand.

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