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All companies need a solid IT framework, regardless of their size.

We deliver technology solutions built for success.

Professional IT Services

Net Core Technologies is a Managed Services Provider specializing in networking, wireless, information security, and custom IT solutions from technology leaders Cisco, Fortinet, HP/Aruba, Dell, Lenovo, and Microsoft products and services. Our engineers have a broad history ofdesigning an implementing networking solutions for clients in the healthcare, finance, gaming, retail, and government sectors.

Our engineers have extensive field experience in their relative fields and will invest the time needed to familiarize themselves with your business's technology needs. The major advantage to our corporate IT support is that instead of just having a single ‘in-house’ IT person, you will have the support of an entire team of IT professionals, with full access to our resources. Net Core Technologies will provide a virtual IT department to your business, reducing your TCO and providing a larger ROI than traditional staffing.

We perform an initial network evaluation for new clients to make sure you have a business continuity plan, and then sit down with you to determine your needs. We have an extremely fast response time and use a combination of our remote, phone-based and on-site services to provide you with a highly cost-effective support plan. In addition to our support, we offer a good deal of productivity boosting services designed to optimize the way you do business.

We have taken IT outsourcing to the next level and can provide your company with the support and tools you need for your business. Let us take care of your computer infrastructure, so you can concentrate on the most important thing: running your business!