P2 Automation, LLC
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P2 Automation offers a wide array of services to provide you with a complete end-to-end business productivity solution. ‚ÄčOur goals are to:

  • Increase your company’s efficiency
  • Automate business operations
  • Streamline routine tasks
  • Improve functionality to help with decision-making
  • Keep your business running … even during a power outage!

Every project we design, develop and implement is focused on finding effective, affordable ways to solve the critical business issues that are unique to each of our clients.

CRM for Small Business

The best CRM system is the one your team wants to use. We configure small business CRM systems to be simple, flexible and personalized. You get exactly what you want without the complication to slow you down. P2 Automation now offers three CRM systems, with features and pricing to fit your individual goals.

Business Intelligence Services

In today’s data-driven world, the ability to leverage information can be your competitive advantage. When you can easily collect and analyze data from different sources you are empowered to make better decisions, faster than your competition. P2 Automation gives you tools specifically designed to bring you closer to what your data is trying to tell you.

Business Process Automation

Automation is all about making your work day easier by streamlining repetitive tasks using triggers, workflows and alerts. This eliminates tedious manual entry and the risk of missing information. At P2 Automation we use our experience to help you evaluate what processes can be automated and how to avoid the trap of over-automating your small business.

Mobile CRM Applications

We live in a mobile world. The ability to easily enter data from your mobile device saves time and licensing fees for remote workers. P2 Automation can build mobile apps personalized for your business, so data can be captured quickly, efficiently, and start working for you right away.

CRM Web Portals

Your prospects and customers expect immediate access to information. Secure web portals allow people outside your organization to get answers and interact with their account, anytime. Once only used by large organizations, P2 Automation now makes web portals affordable for small business customers.

Custom Software Development Services

We create custom business solutions to help you increase productivity throughout your organization. Whether it’s developing more efficient processes to manage assets or providing tools to automate daily activities, P2 Automation brings our technical expertise and real-world experience to every project we work on.

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