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We are not general business entrepreneurs who decided to get into the technology game because it is a hot market; we have the technical know-how and experience to solve real-world technology and security problems. Instead of a salesperson-driven strategy, we rely on our expertise and reputation to communicate our value to prospective clients.  

At QPC Security, we believe that deliberate omissions of key truths are as bad as lying ‑ perhaps worse, because it is much harder for a client to perceive the deception. At QPC Security, we take the education of our clients very seriously. We believe that clients must be informed decision-makers. They cannot do that if topics are "dumbed down" or omitted. We accomplish this educational process by regularly meeting with clients and being their proactive risk management business partner.   

Our goal is to become an integral part of a client’s security team, achieving this through true partnering, where we clearly identify goals and make them the acid test through which every decision is madeOur team has completed over 300 full network projects which have included entire network redesign and implementation of proper security and performance optimization at every layer. We also have 25+ years of experience in environments from 1 user to 13,000 users and we have NEVER had a full-service client suffer from a successful data breach or cyber‑attack. 


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