Resitek Information Technologies, Inc.
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Hi! We’re Resitek.

We support all your IT requirements WITH NO CONTRACT and help you save money! 

The way we do business has changed a lot over the last couple of years. People and companies have gone through some fundamental changes and most of the popular IT companies are experiencing major staffing issues. Trying to find a company to supply fast customer and Help Desk services is difficult today. Rolling out IT projects like Remote Work, Online Selling and Omni-Channel Customer Service have become pressing matters with short deadlines, but poeple who can get the projects planned and the work done are in short supply. Resitek is a Montreal based Canadian Microsoft Silver Partner that can easily compete with any of the big players. Since the consultancy firms are overwhelmed with demand, our company is able to remain flexible, nimble and quick by focusing on the Small to Medium sized business market who are underserved by the big guys. Our unique AI tools and proprietary system solutions will save you money and deliver top rated services and project delivery. Just check us out on Google and you'll see how people love us!