More about us

Like toddlers that play with iPads today, we were experimenting with technology back in the 80's as kids. Technology is in our DNA and we’ve seen the digital transformation from its inception to what it is today, a world created on the internet and driven by increasingly advanced technologies. 

Our goal is to become leaders in helping the world transitioning the digital revolution. That is why, we currently help companies of all sizes to leverage the latest IT solutions, working securely from anywhere, across all devices. From IT infrastructure to cloud computing, our plans are flexible and cover a wide array of managed services: Microsoft 365, Cybersecurity, Voice Solutions, Networking, Video Surveillance, Smart Access Control, Virtual CIO and more.

Plan your IT strategy easily when you outsource your IT department with us and keep your costs under control avoiding surprises with flat rates and predictable expenses.

In case you haven’t heard of the word Zakini before, it sets our standards easy and straight to the point: Go forward. Move ahead. Be first.