More about us

TMM Enterprises Group, Inc. (TMM) has combined its consulting, technology and training services with capabilities to distribute  industrial products and services including pipes, valves, fittings, flanges, electrical, instrumentation and control products used in the, oil, gas, refining, industrial, mining and construction industries and in water and treatment systems

TMM offers individual parts purchases and complete turnkey packages from an extensive catalog of products and services. We provide on-time delivery to your locations to fully stock your projects.

Our product and process quality control assures maximum efficiency, attention to detail, reduced downtime, reliable service, quick turn-around on your requirements and all at competitive prices.

TMM provides high level business management consulting, technical support services, a proprietary contract and data management system, and business development training to respond to the many needs of small businesses.

TMM is a minority-owned company certified by State, Federal, local government agencies and The Supplier Clearinghouse for the Utility Supplier Diversity Program of the California Public Utilities Commission.